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GRNBi builds sustainable data center locations with full support on the ground for its partners, and clients.


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Our Approach

We are focused on working with clients, and partners that can identify themselves in our philosophy: creating value, generating sustainable profit, and giving back.  We believe our philosophy makes an attempt to protect the future Web 3.0 and blockchain adaptation and innovation against regulatory changes, economic disruption, and make sure it has a sustainable impact.


Our mission is building, investing in, and providing sustainable Web 3.0 and computing solutions as a catalyst for creating economic development, reducing e-waste and building a circular economy for society to benefit long-term.

Our philosophy

Create value

Don’t mistake creating value for just making money or a profit, it needs to be an asset that is beneficial for all involved.

Sustainable profit

We aim to create sustainable profit for all those that are involved, without creating waste or a negative by-product.

Give Back

Giving back to society or re-investing in clean/renewable energy is important to create a circular economy and decentralized future.

Meet The GRNBi Leadership Team

Harvey Blom


Frederik Vyncke


John de Vroede


GRNBi has a tremendously supportive and dedicated operational and advisory team. And relies on a network of expert partners, consultants, and ambassadors that support us in achieving our mission.

GRNBi Journey

The GRNBi journey started in the summer of 2021 with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to make an effort in making Blockchain, computing power, and digitalization more green (sustainable).

The first question we needed to answer is what could green/sustainability mean to our industry? Currently, it is primarily used as a branding method to exploit the market “Greenwashing”. Something GRNBi doesn’t want to do.

The second question is how can we apply our GRNBi approach to make a better impact in the digital transition in our industry while staying true to our core philosophy.

We started our journey and you are welcome to experience it with us.

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